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What are hate crimes?

I started this website because I was curious too. You hear about hate crimes in the media every now and then, and then you go about your day without a second thought.

But stop for a minute. What IS a hate crime? I mean, most crimes would surely have a component of “hate” in them right? Murder, battery, abuse, etc. Surely none of these could be described as anything close to the concept of “love” in them, correct?

So if ALL crimes have a component of “hate”? Tehn why is it that we obsess so much about coining the term “hate crimes” to a relatively well defined list of crimes?

Im not sure I have the answer to this. But maybe this website is the beginning of a quest to answer this question. I think it has to do with social and media stereotypes.

For example, if a muslim person gets battered and murdered, then the media will be quick to label this as a hate crime. But if a white person gets battered and murdered, then you might hear about the news in the context of “social violence”, “crime rates”, “insecurity”, and things like that.

In both cases, the same crime. On each case, a different label is usually applied by the media, and thoughtlessly consumed and internalized by media consumers (us).

So let’s review some of the crimes that the media would generally refer to as hate crimes.

They are usually crimes where the victim belongs to a minority. This could be a racial, sexual, social or ethnic minority.

It can also refer to crimes where women are victims, even though women are not really a minority, but in lieu of sexism social filters and protocols, this is also a term that is thrown around.

During the course of this research, I will be posting thoughts around these topics. I might also be commenting on popular crime cases that were portrayed in the media, both from the current days and from the past. I hope you find some of these observations useful and that you use the comments below to let me know your points of view.